I. Opposition to Liberalism:

A. Grassroots movements:
  1. Luddites: Blake, Taylor, Mitch
  2. Chartists (chartism): Dubby, Sunji, Nariman

B. Socialist ideologies:
  1. Socialism (definition and common characteristics) Howard, Samuel
  2. Democratic Socialism & The New Democratic Party - Mia, Carlos, Meghan
  3. Utopian socialists: Molly, Jelena
  4. Marxism: Izzy, Ben, Tijana

C. Classical Conservatism: Darko, Tomi-Ann

II. The Liberal Response:

  1. Welfare capitalism : Edson, Jack
  2. Welfare state : Charlie, Jessica
  3. Keynesian economics: Gary, Adriana

III. The Extension of Equality

  1. Labour standards and unions: Kevin, Dylan
  2. Universal suffrage: Kevin, Dylan
  3. Equality Rights for Women in Western Democracies: Ken, Zoey